“Klean Plate took the guesswork out meal planning. As a busy working professional, this meant everything to me. Over time I started having 1 on 1 conversations with Kendyl about health issues I was experiencing. Her vast knowledge in the health/wellness area was very informative and eye opening. She provided life changing advice. Hearing her testimony and how she took over her life was encouraging and gave me hope that I could too make these healthier life choices. I now enjoy delicious gourmet meals while reaping the benefits of Klean living without sacrificing the taste. Kendyl is a wealth of knowledge, passionate about what she is doing, and more than willing to help you make the changes necessary for a healthier life.”

-Regina B.

“I met Kendyl last year when I was introduced to her by a mutual friend. I had just gotten a diagnosis of a gluten allergy and had no idea what I was doing. I’m not a cook and have never really paid attention to ingredients in food. I was so lost and she helped guide me and teach me the good and bad of gluten. I was a complete stranger to her but she showed nothing but sincere kindness to me. She began cooking meals twice a week for me and over time I have started to understand and learn from everything she has taught me about food. She has answered about 5 million of my questions and has helped me more than she will ever know. I’ve never had a meal that I didn’t like. You’d never even know you are eating healthy if you didn’t know. She is an incredible person that has been such a blessing to me.”


“After purchasing Kendyl’s plate lunches for months and knowing how delicious her meals were, I knew I had to try her Klean Plate challenge. I’m not the greatest in the kitchen, but the grocery lists and recipes helped me feel more comfortable meal prepping (and saved me money, too.) Besides helping me prepare tasty healthier meals that even my husband enjoys, I’ve been able to fit more workouts in using Kendyl’s videos. I work full time and am a new mom, so the challenge helped me get into the swing of a healthier lifestyle and routine. I definitely feel better overall, and between incorporating Kendyl’s meals and the challenge in the past month, I was finally able to drop a pants size. My husband even mentioned that he noticed his pants getting looser as well. I plan to continue to use what I’ve learned, and also plan to utilize future services to help reach my ultimate goals! I would highly recommend Klean Plate’s services to anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness!” 

-Brooke S.

“I recently completed the Klean Plate 7 day challenge and even started a day late so in 6 days, I lost 4 lbs! Just to give you a little backstory, I have always HATED cooking, mainly because I didn’t know how. I felt lost in the grocery store, and frustrated returning home without certain items. Any past attempts at cooking just didn’t taste good, so I really just labeled myself as someone who couldn’t cook. I work out 5-6 days a week and was still gaining weight. When they say it’s all about what you eat, it’s the truth. 

        Kendyl’s grocery list made my shopping trip a breeze and anytime I had a question, she was so quick to respond and went above and beyond to help me locate any hard to find items. Her instructions made preparing and cooking everything seamless! Midway through, I actually started having fun. Now let me talk about flavor. Another thing I didn’t like about meal prep was that it always seemed to be chicken and veggies, aka boring to my taste buds. I thought to eat clean you couldn’t eat things like tacos or breakfast casseroles. When I say her food tastes amazing, I mean it! I couldn’t believe I actually made it! I’ve eaten veggies I thought I hated, and prepared meals that I thought were out of my league. I enjoyed all my meals AND lost weight without changing anything other than what I’m eating. Also having all my meals ready to go made it so easy for the rest of the week and I found I was in a better mood, I felt better and had more energy! I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for Kendyl and the Klean Plate plan! I have always been extremely active, yet I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve tried so many different diets and plans and this one has already given me more progress than the others, without feeling like I was sacrificing the flavor or enjoyment of my meals.”

Megan D.


“Raising a child with multiple food allergies takes a village, and this experience has been overwhelming and defeating at times. Before I met Kendyl I felt like I was stuck in a rut, I was having a hard time coming up with recipes and snack ideas for my girl and she was lacking the nutrition she needs. This is when Kendyl came along. She really got it, she knew the need that we had and she had options for us. Kendyl knew my busy schedule, and would go out of her way to provide for us. At this point I knew we were no longer a business transaction for her, we were her friends, and she was part of our tribe. Kendyl has become a big part of our lives, her help has offered me hope, friendship, and support. It has been a breath of fresh air to have her services available.”

-Lacey A.

“I started my journey with Kendyl with a closed mind and low self-esteem. The journey of changing my lifestyle was hard, defeating, draining, and frustrating to tears. Since January 2nd , I have lost 53 lbs. Kendyl’s meals help keep you on track and accomplish your goals. I always feel full, energized, and more importantly healthy! It is difficult to take the time to cook every day, plan out proper nutrients, she does that for YOU (and makes it delicious). The journey is not easy but the end of your strength is the beginning of God’s. I couldn’t have done this without her.”

-Lauren L.