Hey Y’all!

Welcome to my site! I’m so excited that you have decided to take control of your health by taking the most important step toward your goals. The food you eat is one of the most important factors when trying to become a healthier you! You can workout 7 days a week, twice a day, but if you are not feeding your body the fuel it needs (Klean food), then your body will start to answer for that. I am living proof of how food can play an important role in your overall health. I always thought that I ate well by choosing whole grain foods and living by the American Standard Diet. You know the fast and convenient stuff? After facing big stressors in my life, my body began to shut down and fight against itself. I suffered from PCOS, insomnia, ADHD, skin issues, anxiety/depression, digestive issues, gallbladder issues, the list goes on! In 2012 I found out that I had an auto-immune disorder and could no longer consume gluten and was also intolerant to dairy products. This was the turning point in my life. I took control of my body, changed my lifestyle, and started to really research what I was putting into my body. From there I began to help other people with the same or similar issues. By creating Klean Plate and having this opportunity to help others I am truly fulfilling my purpose in life. I believe everyone has a purpose on this Earth, and I am blessed that I have found mine. 

The awesome thing about health and wellness is that there is always something new to learn. I am dedicated to continue to better myself so that I can serve others to the best of my ability. I am a FIRM believer that you are what you do, not what you say you'll do. I stand on this statement in hopes to become my "Klean Platers’" foundation. I want to be someone who they can count on when they don't feel motivated, when they want to give up, or when they are losing hope. I am an active person who is always looking for a new adventure and I like to keep things interesting, especially with my recipes! I never meet a stranger and love to have company in my kitchen so I can stuff their faces full of Klean goodness! I find that those that are hard to please (picky eaters) end up changing their mindset about healthy food after leaving my home or completing my program. I love my God, my family, traveling, being outdoors, and Klean food! I can’t wait to be a part of your journey!  

Are you ready to become part of the Klean Plate fam?