My Mission

My ultimate goal for Klean Plate is to help people near and far reach their lifestyle goals by creating healthy and Klean habits within their own kitchen.

Tired of eating the same thing? Planning your week’s meals stressing you out? Bored and stuck in a recipe rut? Wanting to become a healthier you but unsure of what to cook? Maybe you just found out you’re allergic or intolerant to gluten or dairy and thinking, “what the heck do I eat?!” Cutting carbs or maybe just trying to eat better in general? Sick of being sick? Completely over the whole meal planning thing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Klean Plate is for you!

I aim to take the stress and worry out of the kitchen and replace it with Klean plates all across your dinner table. Let me help you feed your health. Don’t miss the next registration!


Klean Plate took the guesswork out meal planning. As a busy working professional, this meant everything to me. Over time I started having 1 on 1 conversations with Kendyl about health issues I was experiencing. Her vast knowledge in the health/wellness area was very informative and eye opening. She provided life changing advice. Hearing her testimony and how she took over her life was encouraging and gave me hope that I could too make these healthier life choices. I now enjoy delicious gourmet meals while reaping the benefits of Klean living without sacrificing the taste. Kendyl is a wealth of knowledge, passionate about what she is doing, and more than willing to help you make the changes necessary for a healthier life.
— Regina B.


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